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Obesity is a leading cause of death in multiple countries for adults.  Most people only consider obesity to be a cosmetic problem. Its not. Obesity is harmful to your health and can result in many conditions that can drastically affect your lifespan.  No one wants to be obese, nor do they feel good about it. Regardless, there are many things you should know about that correlate with obesity:

  • Insulin resistance. Insulin transports blood sugars to the cells that make up muscle and fat, this process keeps blood glucose levels at a normal range.   Fat cells are resistant to the transport of glucose, and thus the highest contributing factor of insulin resistance is obesity. Insulin resistance is considered a pre-diabetes condition.
  • Adult Onset Type 2 Diabetes. Obesity contributes highly to Type 2.  The probability is a determined by the degree of obesity and the amount of time which the person has been obese.
  • High blood pressure is common in those who are obese.  This pressure can lead to heart attacks, strokes and congestive heart failure.   Some studies even suggest that every 1 kilogram, or 2.2 lbs increases coronary artery disease by 1%.
  • Numerous Cancers. Fat tissue is often where cancerous behaviors begin.  From colon and rectum cancer, to breast cancer, any increase or decrease in a naturally occurring hormone can result in cancer.  Obesity often triggers this. In the case of breast cancer, fat tissue increases the production of estrogen. These high levels of estrogen are dangerous.

         There are many causes to obesity. The hormones involved in fat regulation are genetic and thus contribute to your own regulation.  Over-eating, which often means a diet high in simple carbs can also contribute. However, the risks don’t end there. Physical inactivity, medications, and psychological factors all play a part in obesity.  At times, the excessive amount of factors can seem overwhelming and discouraging.

         Don’t fret, curing obesity and preventing that many conditions it comes coupled with is a journey that will leave a body healthy and happy-inside and out.  Often times, weight loss surgery is a great first step to a new lifestyle. Though you may feel embarrassed, don’t be. Weight loss professionals like those at the WLS 4 Better Life have chosen their profession to help people live a long, healthy, and meaningful life.  We don’t want you to be limited by obesity, nor do we wish for you to lose hope of being a better you. With multiple surgery options and comforting amenities, WLS 4 Better Life aspires to inspire you. 

         Your life is not a deadline, its full of opportunities to better yourself.  Not only will weight loss surgery start you off, it will inspire a lifestyle that supports a healthier you.  You can grow personal confidence and esteem from your choice to become healthier, and enjoy all the cosmetic benefits, too.


  • Adam Brown
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    Love this wonderful idea!! Thanks for sharing!

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      That turned out really cool. I think I’ll have to try that one. Thanks

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